At East Road Family Medical Centre we offer a broad range of healthcare services that cover most family medical needs and we offer quality medical services.


Family Medicine

Our team of dedicated Doctors provide friendly, quality care for you and your family. Our focus is on developing ongoing health programs that not only provide medical treatment when required, but also encourage health, prioritise disease prevention and promote wellbeing for all.

It is through this pro-active approach, understanding your individual health needs and delivering the support to be as healthy as possible in daily life, that we not only deliver the traditional healthcare service you may expect, but a health focus that will help you and your family to truly enjoy every day.

Men’s Health

In addition to general healthcare services, the team here at East Road Medical Centre also understand the importance of dedicated programs that can provide the medical support you need throughout life. Our Men’s Health program focuses on providing the preventative healthcare men need to stay healthy and spot problems early.

This includes prostate screening, family planning options, screening, pathology tests and sexual health, among others. Our healthcare for men in Hocking is delivered with the same care, attention to detail and friendly, calming environment as all our other healthcare services, inspiring confidence even when discussing challenging subjects.

Women’s Health

Our dedicated Women’s Healthcare program focuses on preventative action to maintain optimum health. We have assembled a quality team of female doctors at East Road Medical Centre who provide the compassionate understanding you deserve. We specialise in a broad range of Women’s health issues, including regular breast checks, mammography referrals, PAP screening, family planning (including IUD insertion and removal), fertility counselling, and management of menopause and Antenatal Shared Care, along with any other treatment or guidance you may require.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

We are proud to offer a comprehensive service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare from East Road Medical Centre. We tailor health programs to cater to your unique medical needs, registering every patient with the Close the Gap program and providing the relevant and effective care plans required.


Travel Medicine

Our travel medicine service covers your family’s needs for safe and healthy travel anywhere in the world. East Road Medical Centre brings convenient vaccination services through to up-to-date medical travel advice based on the latest WHO recommendations. We are here to help you enjoy a safe, confident travel whenever and wherever it takes you.

We offer malaria prevention advice, alongside education and awareness of any local culture you may encounter and how it can impact your health through disease, accident or injury. With our support, you will be well-prepared for any trip thanks to our comprehensive travel medicine service.

Child and Adult Immunisation

Immunisation provides your family with protection against a wide range of preventable diseases and infections both at home and abroad. We offer a full adult and child immunisation service at East Road Medical Centre, covering standard childhood immunisations, top-ups for adults, travel and occupational health immunisations and several more.

With East Road Family medical Centre’s child and adult immunisation service, we can help you protect yourself and your family throughout life.


45-49 Years Old

 45 to 49 years of age is a crucial period for your long-term health. We recommend a comprehensive health check for all patients at this point, helping us to identify any health issues early so that we can take steps to optimise your quality of life. Our mid-life health check service provides the comprehensive medical service in Hocking you need, covering a number of areas, including lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, and exercise.

Over 75’s

We recommend our comprehensive health check service for over 75’s, as it provides a chance to spot problems early and provide the treatment that maintains your quality of life. Our over 75’s health check service is provided conveniently from East Road Medical Centre. This healthcare service in Hocking covers a number of areas, including lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, and exercise.


Our team of doctors have the experience and understating of your unique medical status required to develop an individual healthcare plan to assist in the management of chronic conditions. Our bespoke healthcare service in Hocking covers a range of conditions and diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis and chronic pain. Some care plan patients are eligible for referral to allied health providers at a subsidised cost.


We cover a wide range of minor procedures at East Road Medical Centre. Medical treatments we cover include freezing therapy for sunspots, warts and moles, treatment of abscesses, ear wax removal, ECG, Spirometry (lung test), and Oximetry (oxygen level) along with other non-invasive treatments, all carried out with our usual services care and attention to detail.


We have occupational medicine specialists within our team of dedicated Doctors. Together they provide a range of work-related healthcare services in Hocking, including plans for managing, treating and preventing injuries, providing actionable return to workplans, WorkCover consultations and pre-employment medicals.


Our Diabetes education program also delivered from East Road Medical Centre, and provides the support and insight into self-care living skills, glucose monitoring, healthy living, diet, exercise and injectable medicines that diabetes patients need to maintain their independent lifestyle, learning how to manage the ups and downs of blood sugar levels to empower appropriate lifestyle choices.


Used to assist the diagnosis of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia and risk of future bone fractures, our Bone Density testing healthcare service in Hocking determines bone density or strength, and our tests are quick and pain free in the majority of cases.


The quicker any kind of skin lesion is detected, the more likely that can be successfully treated. East Road Medical Centre skin screening service will reveal any lesions or moles that are at risk of being or becoming cancerous. Your physician will determine if further action is needed and will discuss the results with you in detail.

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